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 Living within your means is always a better idea to be good in money management. If you think that you cannot afford something at a particular moment in time, then it is better to drop that idea. For example, if you are staying on rent or have own house, then you can opt for a cheaper apartment or cheaper house which can save you a lot money every month. A decreased rent payment or mortgage payment will enable to have some extra cash with you which can be used for other obligations.

Accordi ng to a recent report, British people spend approx 50% of their income on rent. And if you can stay somewhere close to your work area and travel by bicycle then you can save transportation costs as well. This way you can have more money in your pocket every month. Hence, downsizing is worth considering a point for people with low income.

Online shopping these days is a better option for saving money. From daily usages items such as foods, groceries, etc to other needs, you should prefer online shopping only.

Many people believe that online shopping is not helpful in saving money but that is not true. Through online shopping, you can save money as you get the items on a discounted rate and most of the time there is some type of sale going on. Therefore you can save money.

Also, when you for physical shopping i.e. shopping in a mall or store, it means you have to spend on travel and by seeing some tempting news sale, you could buy unnecessary items as well which will increase your bill. Hence, to stay away from extra expenditure, it is better to shop online.

It might seem an absurd idea in today’s time to pay through cash but for people who have low income, it can be very helpful. By paying through cash means use your debit card for payment, not a credit card.


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