This is one of the reasons why writing o

 Ask them a thought-provoking question, make a list of the ideas or mindset they are writing about, or work out a sketch with them so they can be drafted. 

3. Teach working in drafts. Mindfulness, putting ideas down on paper, ensuring the flow of language and ideas, and writing revisions for typos and mistakes are different stages of the process. Children need to understand that a perfect sentence does not just come out of nowhere; it is formed through a back-and-forth process when the author writes reviews and changes his text.

This is one of the reasons why writing on children’s computer is helpful as it avoids erasing and allows children to make multiple attempts to clear their thoughts, until they find their keywords. ۔ Word processors also make it more efficient to organize long pieces of writing to help improve the flow of information.

4. Ask parents to help you out of school. Children learn to write by example. Just completing the initial draft is sometimes important, especially if the work requires sharing personal thoughts and experiences, but it also helps to have someone else there to review it. 

By agreeing to read the initial drafts, parents can make a big difference in improving writing skills 


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